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Urban Green Deals combines words and actions. We turn policy into strategy, plans and successful projects. We are deliberately a small company with a solid network of collaborating organisations. That is how we make a difference every time. On the square in front of our office and on three continents.


Urban Green Deals collaborates with governments, citizens and entrepreneurs. Wishes, dreams and concerns are the basis for a strategy.


Every project begins with a shared vision. Then we get to work with all stakeholders. This leads to tangible results in which everyone recognises themself.


We work toward the pain; otherwise nothing changes. Together with all involved, we turn processes into methods. Scalable, repeatable, and shaped through practice.


The method makes new skills usable for the entire organisation. We work in the trenches to transfer knowledge. Technical experts thereby develop into trainers of other learning teams.

Three Transitions

After the Second World War, countries worldwide built new spatial and social infrastructure. The government took the lead, also in implementation. Since the 1980s, market-driven solutions have gained increasing prominence. The next transition is uniting citizens, government and market in new models. Diverse citizen groups want space, both financially and physically, for what they consider important. Urban Green Deals is part of that paradigm shift.


We are experienced with very different clients in a diversity of places. Similarities are more important for us than differences. We put people at the centre of everything we do. Our work in The Netherlands  brings new insights into international assignments. Conversely, that experience is the basis for innovation in The Netherlands.

National planning framework

Local Government Resilience Programme > Kurdistan, Iraq

The Kurdish Region of Iraq has a checkered history. With a national vision as a basis, we are working on development plans worth USD 120 million in five municipalities. The method, participatory planning, was new to the civil servants, refugees, youth, entrepreneurs and traditional leaders. Experts are certified at the national level. We are working with local partner ORSD on a model for the whole of Iraq.

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Network Centre Leeuwarden
> Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

‘There is no such thing as impossible’ is the core of the Leeuwarden Network Centre approach. Everyone is welcome in the ‘factory for self-confidence’ next to the Cambuur stadium. There is hot food, homework help and clothing. Debt assistance by experienced experts and much more. We mapped out the services for the municipality. With the Network Centre we are developing the method into a how-to manual.

Participation task forces

Realising Alliances with Citizens Assemblies > Ankara Region, Türkiye

The Union of Municipalities of Turkey, the counterpart of the Association of Dutch Municipalities, works on citizen participation. Urban Green Deals developed a set of tools for collaboration in the national Participation Task Forces. This means that administrators appointed in municipalities work together with elected politicians and representatives of citizens’ councils. The toolkit was developed and tested with Turkish specialists.


We are always interested in new plans and projects. We aim for long-term relationships and collaboration that makes the difference. Call or email for an appointment.


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